Lovely Locks for Summer

Has fun in the sun taken a toll on your hair this summer? Is your hair a little lackluster or maybe feeling dry and brittle? No worries.  We’ve got you covered with a few simple steps to revive your strands! And any of these treatments can be done in a salon ~ or at home. Refresh and Restore Consider regular conditioning treatments. Restore your hair’s moisture balance and leave it feeling soft, silky and totally touchable. For DEEP conditioning, try {Read More}

The Rainbow Connection

Many ladies (and even a few men) are walking around with color in their hair.  It may not be natural; but why limit ourselves? There’s a whole rainbow of possibilities out there! Fun, funky colors are, at last, becoming a popular trend. And there are quite a few ways to add some technicolor to your strands, ranging widely in levels of commitment and application time. Here’s how: Spray in Color The technique is kind of messy, offers less precision and {Read More}

Is There an App for That?

The Basics of At-Home Color Application for best results, prep first Before all else, make sure your hair is in good condition and is safe to be dyed. It’s essential to keep your hair well hydrated as a part of your regular hair care regimen:  One, for the sake of beautiful, shiny, healthy hair.  And two, because your hair will best take color when it’s moisturized and in good condition. To optimize color results it’s also good to use a {Read More}