Lovely Locks for Summer

FBSummerlbHas fun in the sun taken a toll on your hair this summer?

Is your hair a little lackluster or maybe feeling dry and brittle?

No worries.  We’ve got you covered with a few simple steps to revive your strands!

And any of these treatments can be done in a salon ~ or at home.


Refresh and Restore

Consider regular conditioning treatments.

Restore your hair’s moisture balance and leave it feeling soft, silky and totally touchable.

For DEEP conditioning, try One ‘n Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask or Kenra Platinum Recovery Mask.

Ion Demi Clear Glaze and John Frieda Luminous Color Gloss Clear Glaze

Help your hair shine.  Enhance its natural luster with a clear gloss or glaze treatment.

What’s the difference between the gloss and glaze? A gloss penetrates the cuticle and lasts longer than a glaze which coats only the outside of the hair.

Try Ion Demi Clear (look for the demi color line) and use with 10 volume developer.

Or go for John Frieda’s Luminous Color Gloss Clear Glaze (no developer required).

Clairol_Radiance_ColorglossSun and chlorine can leave your hair looking dry and dull.  Boost natural color or revive faded color with a toner or color glaze.*

Clairol Radiance Colorgloss Semi-Permanent Hair Color uses its own special ammonia-free developer.

It’s translucent, deposit-only semi-permanent color. And it’s GREAT for boosting color! However, since it is deposit only, I recommend picking a shade lighter than your current color so  it will stay the same “level” and not get darker.

*This is a nice pick-me-up for your hair ~ even when it’s already in great shape!

Redken_Extreme_CAT_Protein_TreatmentFor those with over-processed and damaged hair (or those who want to prevent theirs from getting to that point), protein treatments will replenish and strengthen strands.

I replenish natural proteins with Redken Extreme CAT Protein Treatment. Think “instant moisture” and “shine.”




If you’re planning on hitting the beach or the pool, two great preventative products to keep in your summer tote are Ion Sun Protection Spray and Ion Swimmer’s Leave-In Conditioner.

The spray will protect your hair from sun, chlorine and salt water, while conditioner guards against post-swim tangles and potential breakage.


Fighting frizz?


If you have especially curly and/or frizzy hair, a
salon keratin smoothing treatment can help you tame it!

If you find yourself frustrated trying to style your hair into submission on a regular basis (especially with summer’s humidity), this might be a great option to cut your styling time in half.

Personally, I don’t recommend these treatments at home, though. Talk to your stylist about what options the salon offers!

Style it Simply

Hair not cooperating? Didn’t have time to wash it after the hike and before going out to dinner?

My go-to summer hair accessory is a bandana or vintage scarf.


Run a brush or your fingers through your hair. If it’s long enough, pull it up into a bun or ponytail.

Next, tie a bandana or scarf near the front of your hairline for an incredibly easy style with a retro flair. You can also flip the ties under for a “turban headband” look.


 Anna is a colorful girl with a nomadic spirit and a love of all things “up.”

An extremely knowledgeable hair enthusiast, she has worked at a beauty supply store for two years and hopes to begin cosmetology school in the coming year.

An aspiring bush pilot, she plans on financing her flying dreams by capitalizing on her hair stylin’ skills.

Until then, Anna spends most of her free time chasing adventures — whether it be hiking, kayaking, camping, flying, concert going or traveling to see outer space related things.