Ask Ellbee ~ Fall Wardrobe

Dear Ellbee,

I’m looking to jack up my Fall wardrobe, but have limited funds.  How can I get the most bang for a hundred and fifty bucks?


Hi, Suze.

Buy one great pair of black boots. They’ll elevate every look in your closet!

Shop for quality leather.  Suedes are fine, but will not wear as long as basic tanned hide.  You’ll want something substantial, but not too heavy as that could compromise comfort.

For classic styling at its best, Ellbee recommends the clean lines of an Equestrian Boot.

Keep the style simple.  Look for a classic tall boot cut with a low- to mid-range heel.  Avoid stacked, wedge and stiletto heels, which can date a boot.  Keep hardware to a minimum.

Ensure a good fit.  Shop late in the day when feet are slightly swollen.  There should be enough room in the toe box to wiggle your toes.  When you walk, your heel should lift only slightly off the heel pad.  The vamp should not press down on the top of your foot, but sit a fraction of an inch above it.  And the shaft of the boot should rest comfortably against your calf without gapping.  If you intend to add insoles or wear socks, take them with you to check for fit.

Consider accessories.  Many manufacturers now offer add-ons for boots (like detachable fringe cuffs and decorative clips), allowing you to change the look and embrace a trend without breaking the bank.

Extend the life of your new boots:  Have a shoe repair specialist add heel taps.

Now pair them with everything!

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  1. Suze says

    I’m in!

  2. Pam says

    I’m totally going for it, too! Every fall, the women I notice always seem to be wearing great boots. Now I’m going to be one of them! Off to check out Zappos.

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