Ask Ellbee ~ Capris

Dear Ellbee,

It’s been so freaking hot this summer that I’m trading in the linen pants for capris! What’s the right length for someone who’s 5’2”?


Hi, Celia.

Buy capris that stop just a couple of inches above your ankle, accentuating the slimmest part of your leg. Keep the opening slightly loose — just wide enough to accommodate your leg without being clingy (too tight makes the ankle appear chunky; too loose makes the leg seem scrawny).

A couple of additional tips for you:  

As a petite woman, it’s important to pair your capris with shorter tops. In fact, this is a good general rule for everyone as longer tunics combined with short pants can ultimately make legs look stubby.

A heel can help elongate you; but avoid styles with lots of hardware, wide straps and other big details which may fragment the overall look.

Enjoy those cool ankle breezes!

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  1. Cat says

    Oh, yes. The other day I made the mistake of pairing a tunic-length top with capri pants and ballet flats and ended up looking totally stumpified. I couldn’t figure out exactly what the problem was, as I usually love those pants. Definitely no more tunics + capri pants for me! Oddly, though, a tunic with capri-length leggings works really well for me and has been the staple of my summer wardrobe this year. Maybe it’s because the leggings are so form-fitting.

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