Already Fabulous

Greeting, little blog readers.

Advertisers don’t want you to know this:  You are already fabulous.

Some of you may remember a post I wrote last February called Faking Fabulous.  In it, I shared some of my personal modeling experiences, revealing many behind-the-scenes tricks advertisers use to achieve faux fabulosity.

This morning, a friend shared an interesting video that I would like to share with you.  Watch it.  When you’re finished, share it with someone else.  And then go ahead and feel fabulous.  Because you are fabulous ~ just as you are.


  1. Cat says

    The other thing that struck me about that video, and I watched it again to double-check, was the glaring absence of women of color in the advertisements shown. I saw one Latina (Jessica Alba), and I am pretty sure every other model was white. So not only do you have to be impossibly thin and impossibly beautiful, you also have to be white, apparently. Sigh.


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