A Little Cheeky Symmetry

It’s great when a freebie surprises you.

We’ve all known the tempered excitement of the “gift with purchase” at the makeup counter. Something for nothing is always nice. But how many cheap, plastic compacts or zip-top leatherette bags can one girl have? — And what’s with the multiple bottles of eye makeup remover? Great product; but I only have the two small eyes.

Clinique’s Blushwear Cream Stick

And so it is always with reserved joy that I accept my gift, wondering if, this time, it will be different. Well, last time it was.

Several months ago I stood at the Clinique counter waiting for the chance to replenish my All About Eyes supply — and pick up my biannual prize for being a faithful customer. It came wrapped in a pink tie-dye bag and included the usual suspects with a twist — a twist tube of Clinique Blushwear.

Delighted to discover a unique item, I eagerly freed it from the plastic product bag, pulled off the cap and rotated the bottom to get a better look at the color.

The blush stick was a pretty pink shade — Rosy Blush #3 according to the label. I applied a bit to the back of my hand, marveling at the sheerness of it. It went on more like a stain than full color and felt significantly lighter than other cream blushes I’d tried.

Applied to the cheeks, Clinique’s Blushwear Cream Stick went on smooth and blended easily. It seemed to radiate from beneath the skin, giving the appearance of a bona fide blush. It offered just a hint of moisture without a heavy feel. It lasted all day long without settling into lines.

For those of us who’ve been living in our skin for more than a few decades, Blushwear is a wonder. It looks and feels natural. And that from-under glow adds a youthfulness I never realized was missing. At a price point of $19, it’s one of the products I’ll be purchasing regularly — to help me earn my gift with purchase. And that, my friends, is a little cheeky symmetry.

Clinique’s Blushwear Cream Stick is available in Rosy Blush, Peachy Blush, Glow Blush and Shy Blush. Find it at at Clinique counters everywhere or online at Clinique.com.


  1. Kelli says

    Very cool! I didn’t even know this product existed. I like cream blush, but this one sounds even better than cream blush!!

  2. Cat says

    I hadn’t heard of this product, but I’ll definitely be giving it a try. Thanks for the heads up!

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