a little blog Balladry

Are you, by any chance, a writer of verse?
This little blog’s looking for original works.

Calling for poems with a Christmas theme.
Submit by the 15th to the little blog team.

Heartfelt or funny, iambic or haiku
~ little blog is accepting limericks, too!

Poems will be published in a collective post
With bylines and artwork ~ we’re happy to host.

Anonymous voting determines our winner;
With prizes awarded to best poetry spinner.

So pull out your paper, pens and pencils,
And any other helpful scribing utensils.

Ponder awhile your Christmases past,
Then author your poem ~ and author it fast!

The deadline is looming with just days to go.
To enter your rhyme, click the link below.

We hope you’ll join in ~ and wish you the best.
We thank you for visiting the little blog nest!

little blog would love to publish your original poetry.
Enter your poem via little blog’s Contact Page.
Type “little blog Christmas Poem” into the subject line.

Submission deadline: December 15th.


  1. Fluffy Cow says

    Are you collecting poetry-
    About things other than the tree?
    For Hanukkah is what we do…
    And I might want to play some too!

  2. Jennifer says

    Yes, Fluffy Cow: A Hannukah poem would be cool!
    ~ Along with any Winter Holiday celebrated at the Yule!

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