Wrap it Up

Christmastime is here.  Still too much to do?  Wrap it all up now so you can relax and enjoy the rest of the Season.  Here’s how:

Haven’t quite finished the Christmas shopping?  Grab a cuppa, log onto Amazon.com and make your final selections.  Then, let Amazon do the work for you.  They’ll wrap books, CDs, DVDs  and more (about $4 per item) and deliver so you don’t have to.

Don’t know how you’re going to get to all the baking?  Pick the one or two specialty items your family loves, prep those, and then let your local bakery do the rest.  Check out bakery.com to find the best shops in your area.

Christmas cards not even addressed?  Sign and send the few cards that absolutely must go and leave the rest until after the new year.  Most greeting cards get lost in the shuffle anyway.  Your friends will remember and appreciate a personal, handwritten letter or a fun, heartfelt phone call after the crazy rush of the Holidays.

Halls still need decking?  Get the kids to pitch in — or enlist the help of a willing friend.  Break out the hot chocolate, put on some Christmas music and make it fun.  Remember:  It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Being pulled in too many directions?  It’s okay to say “no.”  Seriously.  Give it a pass and give yourself some breathing room until things are a little less hectic.

Now that you’re done, grab a little Christmas joy just for you.  Go for a drive and look at Christmas lights.  Catch a Winter concert at the local high school.  Check out the animated window displays in your favorite downtown shops.  Pop some corn and pop in your favorite Christmas movie.  Or take a nap — complete with visions of sugarplums.  Whatever you do, make it merry!

a peep out of you