We Sing the Body Eclectic

What a joy it is to be healthy without quantifiers. Though plus in size, I’ve never heard my doctor temper his assessments with things like “for your size” or even “for your age.”

Turns out, I’m doing more right than wrong. Though I may be eating too much, I’m eating well. I walk regularly. Plus I stress less than most and always remember to take time for me. Mostly, I feel great.

Sure, I get the annual BMI spiel from the doc, along with a recommendation to drop a tenner or two. But I get the positive reinforcement I need to keep doing the right things as well. Do you?

No matter the size or shape, understand that your body is a walking miracle. Remind yourself daily that your bones and muscles and the skin that holds it all in is doing more than making you look good. Be kind to your body; and it will be kind to you.

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