The Skinny on Pepsi’s Push

Pepsi and I have always been just a bit out of sync.

I was never part of the original “Pepsi Generation.”  I’m a Gen X-er (albeit, by the skin of my teeth) and, therefore, missed that particular demographic by a few years. I also missed the “New Pepsi Generation” campaign, a bit too old that time around.

During my heyday, it was all about the Pepsi Challenge.  I took the taste test — and chose Coke.

When I was a pre-teen, Pepsi debuted a product called Pepsi Light, an awful diet cola flavored with entirely too much lemon.  Of course, those were the days of Tab Cola.  And, heck, if you could gag down a Tab, you could swallow anything.  Even Pepsi Light.

Pepsi Light; Tab Cola; and the new look of Diet Pepsi

Those Saccharine™ days are long gone.  But even Aspartame™, NutraSweet™ and Splenda™ can’t get me to swallow Pepsi’s latest push — the “Get the Skinny” can campaign.

PepsiCo Brands launched the new Diet Pepsi Skinny Can this week, in “celebration of beautiful, confident women.”  Available to the public in March, the sleek, tall can was designed to “complement today’s most stylish looks.”

Uh huh.

Personally, I prefer to complement my stylish looks with actual accessories.  Also, I am partial to pretty stemware for consuming various beverages. Plus I refuse to reconfigure refrigerator shelving to accommodate any canned consumable with a message other than “I taste good.”


Read more about Pepsi’s latest push at Plus Size Tall.


  1. Cat says

    This has got to be one of the stupidest marketing ideas of all time. I mean, what?

    I was never a Pepsi fan, either. I’m not much of a carbonated beverage drinker at all, though I do enjoy a cream soda now and then.

  2. Jennifer says

    Don’t you love how they’re breaking it out during Mercedes-Benz fashion week and trying to pass the can off as an accessory?! Crazy.

  3. ShoJo says

    I’m a Coke Girl – Diet Coke with Lime…LOVE it!

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