Sponge Worthy?

Well, poop. Shaklee has discontinued their Minerelles product line. With it goes the best applicator sponge ever to hit the market.

The Shaklee Minerelle blending sponge, a soft but dense oval wonder, has been my go-to tool for decades. No matter what foundation or concealer I use, it ensures a flawless finish. And it holds up. I can rinse or wash the same sponge over and over for weeks and it won’t break down. In fact, the only thing precipitating an end rotation is massive makeup stain. Even then, it’s still totally usable.

I went online this morning to place my annual order for two dozen sponges and was shocked to find it missing from the regular product line up. I panicked and called 1-800-SHAKLEE.

After speaking with a representative, I learned that Shaklee was selling their remaining supply of Minerelle products and closing out the line. I pulled an Elaine Benes and ordered 120 sponges.

When I finished placing my order, I contacted the distribution office to find out more about existing supply. I was thinking of ordering more. A lot more. I wanted enough to guarantee that I’d never have to ask if any future face painting was truly “sponge worthy.” Ever.

As I waited for the connect, I wondered if there would be enough sponges in stock for a second order? I could feel the panic mounting again.

A new representative answered, oozing serenity and effectively diminishing my distress. I explained my dilemma and, after holding for just a moment, the representative returned and assured me there were exactly 5000 sponges in stock. Funny, I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until just that moment. What a relief.

Why tell you, little blog reader? Because there are 4500 of these best-ever sponges still available. (The other 500? Well let’s just say that order number two is now in the queue.) If you’re quick, you can get yours by calling 1-800-SHAKLEE and asking for the Minerelle makeup sponges, SKU number 50880. They’re available in six packs for $9 (just $1.50 per sponge).

Oh, and feel free to make a little noise in the ordering process. Maybe we can cause enough of a commotion to convince the folks at Shaklee that we are sponge-worthy.

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