Shoe Girl’s Mid-Season Report (Spring 2012)

Shoe Girl here with your mid-season report
on some shoe yays and shoe nays for the spring!

Gianni Bini "Linnie" T-Strap Sandals ($59)

Yay for Gianni Bini’s “Linnie” t-strap sandals!
They have a 1/2 inch heel and a flexible outsole for a comfy, casual look.

There are three adjustable straps for the perfect fit, not only around your ankle, but also across the top of your foot.

The great color-blocking keeps them right on trend, and is an easy way to add a little pop to your step!

Available in Sierra Tan/White, Black, Tan, Natural/Black (Cheetah), Sunset Coral/Taupe, and Peridot/Rice for $59.  Extended sizes available.

Big Buddha "Bunni" Flats ($29-$39)

Nay, unfortunately, for Big Buddha’s “Bunni” flats.
The shoes are super cute and fit a bit wide, but the flimsy jersey outsole means they flop off your foot.

There is absolutely no elasticity, which means they will only get wider.

The “padded” insole isn’t all that padded; so these flats are quite flat.

Sometimes, you just get what you pay for.

Available in Blue/Multi Stripe, Lilac/Multi Stripe, Black Multi, and White/Multi for $29.99* and 39.99.  (Only White/Multi is on sale for $29.99)

And that’s your update for what’s hot and what’s not for Spring 2012!

Stay tuned for Summer Shoe Picks that just may blow your mind!

Shoe Girl's Alter Ego, Kelli Leach

Kelli is actually a crazy cat lady, but with fun fashion sense.

She never misses an episode of Modern Family.

In her spare time she enjoys writing, ballet and belly dancing, zumba, and trying new adventures such as parasailing, dirtbike riding, and zipline-ing.

The words she lives by?  “Hakuna Matata.”

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