Old Man Winter is a Big Poop

Old Man Winter certainly knows how to overstay his welcome. Just when you think he’s gone for good — that you can go ahead and strip the flannel sheets and change out the bed linens for something lighter and brighter — he’s back. And with attitude.

With limited closet space, it’s tough to know just when to make the official switch from cold- to warm-weather clothing. So during the months of April and May, when the temperatures of Spring often relapse into those more suited to Winter, I rely on the handy, dandy cardigan — the definitive Spring-to-Winter transition piece.

I usually opt to go bare-legged (my personal nose-thumb to the Old Man; I refuse to break out the tights) and reach for a thicker gauge cardigan with full sleeves — something saturated with color and extra-cheerful to chase away the chill.

Last night’s cold front ushered in cooler temps and a crisp breeze. So here’s what I’m wearing today:

Despite cooler temperatures, I celebrate Spring with a vibrant New Hampton cardi! Also featured: Gap cotton tee, Bill Blass skirt, Jessica Simpson bag, Skechers flats and necklace (with built-in gloss pots) by Mark.

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