Greetings and salutations! Welcome to …a little blog told me, 2011.

Thanks so much for visiting the little blog nest throughout the year — and for sharing this site with friends. Heartfelt thanks to those of you who wrote with kind kudos on various features. It was wonderful to hear from you, little blog readers, and to know that my folly was yours.

As you may have guessed from posts dated late December, I was chillaxing a bit, enjoying family and friends, simply plugging in commentary on plus size fashion news and throwing up “quickie polls” to keep things current on the blog. You seemed to enjoy the news items; so I’ll continue to add in noteworthy stories as they are released. Also, your response to the quickie polls was absolutely amazing; you’ll see more of those, as well.

Now that the Holidays are winding down and we are officially into 2011, I’ll be publishing additional original pieces here. I’m currently working on a post specific to Winter accessorizing, two make up reviews and another blog entry on living well. I’ve also invited a couple of friends to submit guest posts; you’ll see something from them in the coming weeks.

New this year, little blog will feature quarterly Goody Give-Aways. Beginning in April, you’ll have a chance to win fab hair and makeup products, to-die-for accessory samples, hot-topic reads and original little blog tees! Send us your pix with the products and we’ll publish them, giving you your 15 minutes of fame! Subscribe here (no strings) and you’ll automatically be entered into each drawing.

Do you have any suggestions for special feature pieces? Is there a product you’d like to nominate for review? What would you like to see added to …a little blog told me? Take a moment to comment below. Or click the “contact” link located just right of home. Or simply use the “Peep Out of You” widget in the column to the right. I always enjoy hearing from you, little blog peeps.

Here’s to more “virtual diversion with practical benefits” in 2011!

Warmest wishes to you and yours.

~ Jennifer

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