Ink It In

My good friend Melanie is a true makeup connoisseur. The eight foot expanse that is her bathroom vanity proves it.

The marble counter is filled to capacity with sundry beauty products. An assortment of facial cleansers and moisturizers for both morning and night line the sink like sentinels. Just to the left, there’s an avalanche waiting to happen: primers for eyes, lips and face, concealers offering every imaginable coverage option, mineral powders in natural, dewy and matte finishes, and liquid bases for various skin types in shades ranging from fair to tan and with sunscreen protection numbers from 10 to 45. An impressive array of blushes in cream, gel and powder formats is precariously stacked to the right.  Self sharpening eye pencils in every color of the rainbow (plus a few old school sharpen-them-yourself kohls) are mostly corralled in nearby glasses.

Scattered about are entirely too many eye shadow palettes to count, as well as multiple tubes of lengthening, thickening and otherwise volumizing mascara. Sleek, shiny cylinders of lipstick and pots of sticky gloss in pinks, corals, blushes and nudes are randomly sprinkled throughout.  And, rounding out the collection, a basket of tools sits at the ready loaded with brushes in all shapes and sizes featuring natural bristles and those man made.

The thoroughly modern Melly regularly haunts the internet, searching for the latest and greatest, always ready to try something new and unexpected. She’s naturally pretty and doesn’t need a whole lot of help. But the girl likes to play.

This works out well for me. Mel previews everything, then passes along only the best finds. I hang onto more of the cash in my Tignanello wallet, maintain a fairly clear complexion and spend more time watching reality TV. I would like to claim that this also allows me to keep my bathroom vanity clear of excess beauty products; however Mr. Wonderful would kindly disagree.

Melly has introduced me to more than a few winners over the years. But her most important discovery occurred a couple of months ago. In fact, I believe it to be revolutionary: Somewhere between the well-established eye pencil and the retro liquid liner, there is Urban Decay Ink for Eyes.

For years, makeup artists had penciled me in. Every now and again, some steady-handed newcomer would whip out the liquid liner. But, clearly, the pencil was the thing. So looking at the slender tray of pliable color, a dual-tipped brush tucked neatly into the side compartment, I was a little skeptical. Would I be able to get it on evenly? And, once there, would it stay in place?

Melly assured me that with just a trial run or two, using Ink for Eyes would become second nature. She was right. The thin, slanted brush is superb, a precise application tool that produces a nice, sharp line. The formula glides on oh-so smoothly; no skipping here. And the secondary tip is perfect for smudging the line into smokiness or just blending away any issues. Best of all, once it’s on, Ink for Eyes is in for the long haul.

The color choices are pretty impressive, too. Melly knows I like to keep things natural; and so her gift to me came in the form of Demolition (brown). The usual suspects are available; but custom colors make Ink for Eyes extra special. The Empire (eggplant) is rich. Pyrotechnics (iridescent glitter) is perfect for electric youth. And the Loaded (deep green) pops like nobody’s business, especially on Mel.

At $22, Ink for Eyes is a steal. In fact, the brush alone is worth it. The generous supply of product is practically a bonus.

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