Consignment DEETS

Consignment shops seem to be popping up everywhere lately. Both general and plus versions are readily found in most major markets. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your shopping and selling experience.

  • Introduce yourself to the owner and staff. Establish a good rapport and ask about special sales and offers. Find out when regular markdowns occur so you’ll know when it’s best to stop in.
  • Most consignment shops have “tickler files” detailing customer requests. If you’re looking for a specific item or a particular label, ask to be added to the request list. You’ll get first dibs on the favorites you want.
  • Consignment merchandise is generally nonrefundable. Be sure to examine garments carefully for stains, holes and other irregularities. Try on prior to purchasing so there are no regrets later.
  • Before consigning items, fully understand your consignee’s preferences and requirements. Know how clothing should be prepared and presented. Familiarize yourself with any label restrictions. Get the details on the sales split. Printed information is usually available from the clerk or online.
  • Make note of your consignment shop’s seasonal breaks. Get your goods to market as soon as the store starts accepting for the upcoming season. This ensures the best selling opportunity for your items.
  • Present freshly laundered and crisply pressed clothing, clean shoes and handbags, and nicely polished accessories at the drop-off evaluation. Be sure to keep your own list of items consigned, and check back in according to your consignor agreement.
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