Ave, Maria!

Congratulations to Marie Claire Magazine: little blog readers voted you their very favorite fashion magazine!

Several wrote in, commenting on the gorgeous photo spreads, useful health information and clever beauty tips. Many buy the magazine for the stories and issues from women around the globe. Others read for the regular celebrity features, including Behind-the-Shoot” dish, and the monthly “Designer Dossier.” And this little blogger always turns right to the last page to check out what’s “In the Bag!”

If you’re not a regular subscriber to Marie Claire, consider it. The magazine is currently offering a 2 year subscription for just $10. ~ That’s 42¢ an issue!

If you’re already subscribing, Marie Claire will be happy to extend your membership at the same low rate. And think about giving a subscription for Christmas. It’s the gift that keeps on giving ~ for 24 months.

Ave, Maria!

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