DIY Jewelry with Stacey: Easy Breezy Floatin’ Beadsies

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. It’s summertime! It’s time to lighten things up. It’s the time of year I put away those boots and bring out the flip-flops (we’ll just pretend I haven’t really been wearing them all along.) It’s the time of year I cut my hair a little bit shorter than usual. It’s the time of year I stop wearing so much jewelry because it’s heavy and irritating in the hot sun. {Read More}

DIY Jewelry with Stacey: Mo’ Jump Rings

It may not be well known, but I love to make chainmail jewelry. You’re probably thinking “Chainmail? That stuff the medieval knights wore?” Yeah, that’s the origins of it. But with the creativity of modern artists, there are so many beautiful items that can be made using age old materials. Today chainmail can refer to any of the “weaves” or patterns of connecting jump rings together. One of my favorite weaves is called Mobius Flowers. Once you learn how to {Read More}

DIY Jewelry with Stacey: Is Knot! Is 2!

I usually hate getting catalogs in the mail; especially when I get one because I ordered something about 2 years ago from that company. This happened recently and I didn’t have time to look through the catalog, so I set it aside. Did I mention that I also get e-mail notices from this company? What’s New, Overstock Items, Clearance Sales; you name it, I get an e-mail announcing it. One particular sale caught my eye, and I broke down and {Read More}

DIY Jewelry with Stacey: Make a Memory!

I have always loved bracelets.  But I can rarely wear a store bought one, unless it’s made for kids. Good or bad, I have small wrists ~ really small wrists.  So small that 90% of the kids in Miss Collins’ 3rd grade class had wrists that were larger than mine!  (I know this for a fact because I happened to be there on a day when the kids were learning about measurement, so they added my wrist and thumb circumferences {Read More}

DIY Jewelry with Stacey: Are You Ready to Rhumba?

About this time last year I started thinking about a Christmas present for my dad’s girlfriend, my dad’s lady friend, my dad’s close friend who happens to be a woman, Francine. I knew I wanted to make her a pair of earrings, but I just couldn’t settle on a style.  So off to the internet I went to look for inspiration. I soon stumbled across a website that highlighted jump ring jewelry.  If you’re unfamiliar with the term “jump ring,” {Read More}