2014: The Year of YOU

Are you ready? It’s time! 2014 is the year of you. This is the year for you to thrive, to exceed your own expectations and to continue on your amazing path. This time of year we are bombarded with methods, suggestions and “quick fixes” to become a better you. Exercise more! Get organized! Eat healthy! Be better! All of these ideas are great, but life keeps happening. There is the stress of holiday bills, the tree needs to get put {Read More}

Growing Your Roots

Recently a dance student of mine asked me “How are you able to be such a strong woman?” Hmmmm. Am I? After pausing for a minute I shared with her some of the things that I struggle with:  lifelong food issues and body insecurity can still rear its ugly head; I often feel nervous around men and dating; and at times I can be self-involved. But, I told her, I try to never let those problems shake my core belief {Read More}

What’s Your Superpower?

I have an undying, somewhat obsessive love of Wonder Woman. I love her fight for justice, love, peace, and sexual equality (and one heck of a pair of boots!). In fact, when I am down, I like to listen to the Wonder Woman theme song and dance around my house. One of my favorite things about Wonder Woman, and about superheroes in general, is that they each have unique gift that they share with the world, a unique service that makes {Read More}

Being Awesome Anyway

As a rule, I preach thriving, not surviving. In life, I (usually) practice what I preach. I love adventure. I choose “yes” and wear leopard print and glitter while running a successful dance business.  I believe that I, and all humans, are amazing creatures with amazing, awesome potential. But recently I have been feeling…not that awesome. Under the burden of a heavy workload, the lack of work/life balance, trouble quitting a toxic relationship, some health issues, and an impending “BIG” {Read More}

Everything about you is amazing.

What if there was nothing wrong with you? This idea has been sitting with me frequently. How much could we accomplish in the world if we took everything we are trying to “fix” about ourselves, everything we beat ourselves up over, everything we hate and accepted it? Let’s take it a step further: What if we celebrated everything about ourselves? Let’s take me: I have a big butt and big thighs. My skin isn’t perfect and my 34 years are {Read More}

Living Without Compromise

Please welcome little blog’s newest contributor, Lisa Zahiya!   Last month I randomly found myself alone with a day to myself in Atlanta, GA. I felt grateful, in the midst of a busy spring, I was able to do a favorite activity – walking a big city, earbuds in, with some dedicated thinking and dreaming time. I set my mind to what I wanted this year and moving forward in my life. I was thinking about all the things I am {Read More}