Ask Ellbee ~ Long and Lean

Dear Ellbee,

I’m 5’3” and looking for ways to appear taller. Obviously, I have the heels thing covered. Any other suggestions?


Hi, Kelly.

I’m 6 feet tall. But I still strive to elongate myself through clothing and shoe options. Here’s how I do it:

As you mentioned, heels are an instant lift. Keep them streamlined and stay away from thick, heavy, clunky heels. Try a nude shoe, too, as they’ll make legs look even longer.

Wear your trousers and skirts a little higher than your natural waist. Likewise, cinch dresses and place belts above the waist. This will make you look extra-leggy.

Shrunken jackets and cardigans can help legs look a mile long, too. Pair them with sheath style dresses, dark-wash skinny jeans and other simple, unfussy options. Keep everything fitted and close to the body.

Try a monochromatic look. Dressing head-to-toe in one color creates a sleek line and adds visual height. Don’t forget basic colored tights, too.

Think vertical. Accessorize with long, thin necklaces that stop at your chest or skinny scarves that reach your waist. Resist going longer, which will make it seem like you’re playing dress-up.

Above all, own your look. Confidence is the one component that works on every single body.

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