Cat’s Caboodle ~ Chantecaille Lip Chic

Meet my latest lip product obsession: Chantecaille Lip Chic. Really, it’s more of a revived obsession, since I cycle through lip products like whoa and I already went through a Lip Chic phase a few years back, but the point is, I have been buying up all the Lip Chics lately.  One for every day of the week. The shades are so gorgeous that I can’t help myself. Bottom to top: Rose Delice, Tea Rose, Bourbon Rose, Heirloom, Violetta, Damask, {Read More}

Cat’s Caboodle ~ Grey Matters

We don’t get much of a winter here in Central Texas, but from about December through February the mornings can be awfully chilly and I usually need to bundle up pretty well when I take my dog out for his walk.  A good winter hat is a must. Oh, look!  Here is a very good winter hat! Not only is it a very nice, very warm, handmade hat, but it also supports a very good cause. Gus is a four-year-old {Read More}

Jessica Designs ~ Healthy Nails (1)

  Jessica Guyton has graciously agreed to write a short series of “nail health” posts, complete with product recommendations for strengthening and growing healthier nails.  This is her first installment. There are a lot of tips to maintaining your nails….  I work in food service and, in just a year’s time, my nails have gone from long and hard to weak, peeling and breaking everyday.  And let’s face it:  Once you break a nail there’s really nothing you can do except cut it {Read More}

Cat’s Caboodle ~ Kissing the Frog

I’m a big fan of online shopping.  I’m also a big fan of tote bags and an even bigger fan of the t.v. show Fringe and all of its stars, including Jasika Nicole, who plays the delightful Agent Astrid Farnsworth. All of these things collided when I learned that Jasika Nicole, who is also a talented artist, had designed THIS TOTE BAG, which was featured in the Fringe episode “Back to Where You’ve Never Been.” Getting a screen cap was {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Fragrance

Dear Ellbee, Is it better to buy perfume or cologne? Maggie   Thanks for your question, Maggie.  The answer depends on just how much fragrance you’d like to wear. You’ve mentioned two forms; however fragrances actually fall into one of four classifications:  Parfum (or perfume), Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Cologne.  The simple difference is concentration of scent, longevity and price. Parfum contains the greatest concentration of scent elements ~ about 25%.  It is quite robust and long-lasting, {Read More}

Cat’s Caboodle: A Tale of Two Fragrances

Last year I began the hunt for the perfect floral fragrance.  I wanted something sweet but not overwhelming, not too green, and not counterbalanced with some rancid base note like civet or musk.  I found pretty much everything I was looking for in Child and called off my search, but then I received a sample of Cartier’s Baiser Vole Eau de Parfum Spray and I decided I may not be ready to commit to just one floral.     Cartier {Read More}

In this New Year…

          MAY YOU ALWAYS by Larry Markes and Dick Charles May you always walk in sunshine, Slumber warm when night winds blow. May you always live with laughter, For a smile becomes you so…. May good fortune find your doorway; May the bluebird sing your song. May no trouble travel your way; May no worry stay too long…. May your heartaches be forgotten; May no tears be spilled. May old acquaintance be remembered And your cup of {Read More}

Cat’s Caboodle ~ Stocking Stuffers

Searching for some last-minute stocking-stuffer ideas for the beauty buffs on your list?  I’ve got you covered!   Suvana Beauty – Certified Organic Paw Paw and Honey Balm Suvana’s Certified Organic Paw Paw and Honey Balm ($14) makes a fabulous natural, organic, good-for-you lip balm, as well as soothing any other areas of dry skin you may have.  It comes in a generously-sized (.88 oz) recyclable tube and is not tested on animals. I use it mainly as a lip {Read More}

Jessica Designs ~ Sugar Plum Fairies

So the other day I was in Rite Aid looking for the new Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette ~ which I didn’t find…. But I did find some new nail colors for fall and winter! The design for December will be a quick and easy nail gradient design.  Inspired by Sugar Plum Fairies, it’s a wonderful look for the Holidays!  Pretty and sweet, it still makes a statement. The base color is Sinful Colors’ Winterberry.  It’s a beautiful grayish plum with tiny {Read More}

A Fine Mess

You suspect you have hair issues when experienced, on-set stylists say things like, “Yeah, let’s not fool with this,” and “Maybe we’ll just do a nice comb-through and watch for fly-aways.”  You’re certain of it once you’ve seen panic in the eyes of the one hair pro who did “fool with it.” It’s not that I have bad hair.  It’s taken a lifetime to understand that.  Really, it’s just “set” in its own way. I have fine, straight strands that {Read More}